Little Cutie Rope Slut

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Marty ties, waxes and stretches the lickable Octavia.

Veronica Misbehaved Secretary Part 1

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Veronica Misbehaved Secretary Part 1.

Veronica Misbehaved Secretary Part 2

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Veronica is very new to BDSM and rough sex. She was willing to give it a try with Lee Stone who dominated her in a role play scenario of boss and misbehaved secretary.

Cowgirl’s Flying Hogtie

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Cowgirl's Flying Hogtie.

Sandra’s Wild Fantasies Part 1

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Sandra Romain was very excited about being tied up, blindfolded and fucked for the first time. Not being able to see and restrained put her in quite a head space where her fantasies ran wild. Lee Stone stayed domi...

Sandra’s Wild Fantasies Part 2

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Sandra's Wild Fantasies Part 2.

Sweet And Sexy Chrissy Sparkes

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Marty ties the sexy Chrissy Sparkes.

Beautiful Asian Submissives Part 2

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Kaiya Lynn and Annie Cruz are two beautiful Asian submissives who get tied up and fucked by Mark Davis. In handcuffs, they are first told to spank and lick ass. Then, both are properly bound, clamped, flogged, cho...

Beautiful Asian Submissives Part 1

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Beautiful Asian Submissives Part 1.

Lovely Cowgirl

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Marty ties the lovely Cowgirl.

Adrianna Loves Being Tied Up And Fucked Part 1

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Adrianna Nicole can't get enough kinky sex. She loves being tied up and fucked. She gets excited when someone else takes control and when they are rough with her. Van Damage punishes and fucks her for your viewing...

Adrianna Loves Being Tied Up And Fucked Part 2

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Adrianna Loves Being Tied Up And Fucked Part 2.

sex slave Jewell tied up and forced cum

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Jewell Marceau is the kind of girl who says "How about if you tied me like this" or "I think that rope needs to be tighter". Not only do her elbows easily touch behind her back, she likes having them tied there. S...

Gorgeous Sadiebelle Tied Up Punished

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Sadie has the best Butt around - the previous holder of the 'Best Butt of Hogtied' went to Alana. I'd have to see (and grope) all 4 buttocks side by side at the same time to determine an outright winner.

Innocent Karina Kay Tied Up And Fucked Part 1

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Karina Kay is so cute and innocent looking and yet she longs for a man to restrain and control her sexually. She is punished by Van Damage and sucks a lot of cock while in tight bondage. After a massive orgasm fro...

Jewell Marceau Deepthroat Blowjob Training

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Marty ties the wonderfully sexy Jewell.

Penny Flame captured and punished in a dirty dungeon

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Penny Flame captured and punished in a dirty dungeon. Penny Flame's fantasy is to be shackled in a dirty dungeon and to have a strong man take complete control over her. She endures tough punishment from Tony a...

lovely Kitty tightly tied up gagged

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Marty is back to tie the lovely Kitty. Kitty is young, sexy and very into bondage.

Jewell gets tied and cannot escape

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Jewell gets tied and cannot escape the magic want which is pushed firmly against her pussy and ass.

What A Nice Slave!

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Shauna has unbelievable tits - theres probably too much footage of me in this set, as I couldn't keep my hands off them.

Gorgeous Rope Slut Alexis Taylor

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Alexis has tits that defy belief.

kinky latina enjoys being hogtied and forced blowjob

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Destiny Deville really enjoys being slapped and choked by Mark Davis. She is hogtied and sucks cock and then is made to cum with the magic wand. She is then fucked hard in various positions.

kinky sex slave Molly and Jewell

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Jewell and Molly had been wanting to get intimate for some time. When they came here they were tied more intimately than they may have bargained for.

kinky blonde Nikki tied and teased on bed

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Nikki is here for a very erotic shoot. She is tied in inviting poses where she cannot protect her pussy and then brought to two (very real) orgasms with the magic wand. She was getting wet even as I tied the first...